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Being a Mom is hard. 

As a young girl, I had dreams of being a stay-at-home mom who played with her kids all day, cleaning the house for her husband and keeping the tidiest house. Talk about a dream! This does not exist. 

Motherhood is full of sleepless nights. I can’t even remember what a “full” night sleep is….never ending laundry, muddy tracks through the recently cleaned floors and food crumbs EVERYWHERE.

I worry so much about keeping a house and making sure my husband and kids are taken care of, that I often neglect myself. 

I’m burnt out. I’m losing my mind. I’m tired of being asked (or expected) to do everything. I’m tired of being called Mom, or rather, “Mom, Mom, Mom….. MOM!” I am emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. 

I’m so tired. I’m the kind of tired where it doesn’t even matter if I get 12 hours of sleep. 

I feel like my chest is about to explode into a thousand little pieces.... if only. Maybe if it did, I could breathe. 

“Mom, play with me.” Well I would but I have to fold 8 baskets of laundry, empty the dishwasher to just refill it with dirty, answer emails and fulfill orders for two different companies, coordinate screen printing efforts, piece together the baby bedding products, keep working on the new marketing strategy, organize doctor visits, grocery shop, pick kids up from school, cart kids around to sports practices and don’t forget to shower. Oh wait, I also forgot to feed the 3 cats, 2 dogs and 4 rabbits AND plan and make dinner. Mommy doesn’t get playtime anymore. 

I needed help, so I got help. I need to cut back on something. I try to manage my time better- “delegate,” they say. Prioritize your day they tell you. Something has to give. I need a step by step for this because I am too tired to think. 

What day is it again? What did we do yesterday? I am the kind of tired that struggles to recall these kinds of details. Memories are unclear.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am so tired, I may ask for sleep instead of gifts. I am reminded to take care of myself. But what does that look like? I have come to realize that “prioritizing your day” or figuring out what needs to give is different for everyone. No one can tell you want it is that you need to recharge or rejuvenate. Burnout is real. Mom burnout is real. Take care of yourself. 

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING yourself. If you’re like me, you don’t exactly know what to ask help for. It’s too hard to explain what needs to be done, too hard to explain how I do things, what if they don’t do it the way I do… The truth is, everytime I fail to share the load, I fall short. I further entrench myself with more stress and resentment of having to manage everything in the household. 

I realize I am not alone. 2020 in particular has been a war of attrition. 

I feel guilty when I take care of myself. It’s hard for me to enjoy myself because I know there is something else I could be doing to help my family or should be playing with my kids. If I am not healthy both inside and out, I am not helpful to my family. Mentally, physically and emotionally healthy is what helps my family. The mess in the kitchen can wait. (Right?)

Whether you are a first time mom, or seasoned parent. Give yourself a break and share household responsibilities. 

Motherhood is never as picturesque as it is portrayed in movies. Motherhood is real and dirty. But for every moment of frustration that being a Mom brings, there are a hundred sweet moments that make it all worthwhile. 

SuiteBaby Blog, where parenthood’s failures and successes are celebrated without judgement. Welcome! :-) Here, we’ll be discussing all the things that we’ve found make Motherhood a little sweeter. Everything from tried-and-true Tips and Tricks that we learned the hard way, to swoon-worthy Nursery & Bedroom décor inspiration & craft ideas. We want to share all the stuff that makes raising little humans an exciting adventure... and hopefully, some things to make that adventure a little easier! 

From one tired Mom to another, we hope you’ll join us.

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