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The diaper bag. The essential parenthood accessory we all need, but none of us want. They’re heavy, bulky, and usually packed full of stuff we wish we didn’t need to carry with us. Trying to remember all we need to pack becomes hard sometimes. Breastfeeding cover, car seat cover, stroller cover, shopping cart cover, a high chair cover and more! Let’s give those tired shoulders (and brain) a break by offering you an alternative solution to all the must have covers. 

Did you know SuiteBaby Nursing Covers are a great multi-use cover? The nursing cover typically used for breastfeeding, can also be used as a car seat cover, stroller and shopping cart cover. The innovative tube-like design allows the cover to be stretched over nearly any surface, providing an extra barrier between your little one and the outside world. Less bulky diaper bag for the win! There are so many ways to use SuiteBaby nursing covers, we thought we’d share two of our very favorites. How to use a nursing cover as a cart cover AND a shopping cart over!


Place your baby into the infant car seat by securing them into place using the safety straps. With the carrying handle in the upright position, place the hole over the handle so that you can see your little one. Providing a canopy over the car seat provides the feeling of comfort for you and your new baby. 


Secure the cotton jersey cover by stretching the fabric over the back and front of the cart, and place your child into the seat as you would normally- being sure to secure them in place using the safety belt. This creates a barrier over germ-covered cart surfaces, but keeps your little one free to explore the world around them.


Many parents have found that SuiteBaby nursing covers are also great to cover up the sticky high chairs at restaurants, and even shield your new baby from admirers while they take a snooze in your stroller. 

The best part? Not only are SuiteBaby Nursing Covers far less bulky than those shopping cart covers we used to have- they are 100% machine washable! Just toss it in the wash, and start planning your next adventure. 

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