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When you’re deep into the baby nesting phase, you want the nursery to be perfect. And, quite frankly, it’s hard to get it that way shopping at the traditional stores! Either you can’t find matching pieces, or they don’t have the pattern in stock you want, or possibly (and most likely) they just don’t have that unique sense of style you’re looking for. Not to mention, the materials never last! 


That’s the situation Courtney found herself in when she started nursery shopping for her growing family. Fortunately, for Courtney, her grandmother taught her to knit and sew early on, passing down the artistic skills like a family heirloom. So, she strapped her two-month-old to her chest, channeled her creative energy, and set to sewing the stylish, comfy nursery bedding she could not find on the shelf. 


SuiteBaby was born.


A once professional vocal performer from New York, she never imagined her frustration with finding the perfect baby bedding would turn into a flourishing business – catching the eyes and sentiments of moms all over the world. 


With the help of her husband, three children and assistant Amanda, Courtney continues to design and customize quality dream bedding for families from her home in Houston, Texas.