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Styling A *Magical* Nursery Space For Baby & You

This one goes out to all of us who spent their childhood longing for a Hogwarts acceptance letter that (sadly) never came. Being a magic-loving Muggle is tough; but you have your own special kind of magic- Mommy Magic! So dust off your wands & ready your quills, because we have the recipe for the magical Harry Potter inspired nursery of your dreams!

Whether you’re expecting a little Witch or Wizard, or you’re waiting for the ultimate surprise reveal, there are countless easy ways to add a little enchantment to your nursery. Maybe you want their room to be wall-to-wall Hogwarts House colors. Or, maybe you were thinking about something a little more subtle, with a few mystical touches here and there. We love it! Here’s some ideas for adding some of that magical Harry Potter charm to any space, on any budget.


For a lot of people, the star of the nursery is where their baby will spend the most time- the crib. No matter how you want to style your child’s space, you know they will need bedding… so, why not make it part of the decor?! Choosing patterned crib sheets & blankets that compliment the rest of the room is one of the easiest ways to create an aesthetic that will grow with your child, and be enjoyed by you today.

We carry fabrics with prints ranging from bold & colorful to subtle & delicate; with Hogwarts-Inspired designs that are sure to conjure up those nostalgic feelings we all know and love. Best part? Our 100% Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets are designed to last even longer than it takes to read all 7 Harry Potter Books! (With or without taking crying breaks to mourn whatever beloved character just died…. RIP Dobby forever.)


From nursing covers & burping cloths, to washable covers designed to *actually fit* those beloved nursing pillows- we think it's fair to say that nursing requires a shocking amount of accessories! Who says those everyday nursing essentials can’t be cute?! One of our favorite Go-To essentials are the SuiteBaby Swaddle Blankets. 
These washable, lightweight cotton blankets are the perfect weight and size for swaddling your baby or serving as a carseat cover- but they can do so much more than that! They also
make excellent nursing covers, for those occasional moments when you need a bit more privacy, but don’t want to melt under some big heavy blanket or hide in a bathroom to feed your baby. And, at a growing-baby-approved size of 52” X 34” your child will be able to enjoy this lightweight blanket for years to come! 


We know… the changing table is arguably every Mom’s least favorite (but most used) part of their nursery. While we cannot fix the struggles you will inevitably face there, we can offer a way to make your changing table at least a little cuter and maybe, just maybe, even cleaner.

Changing Pad Covers are one of the easiest ways to instantly make your changing table feel like it belongs in the space you just spent all this time creating for your little one. It seems silly, but looking at their changing table and seeing a fun design feels so much better than looking at the same old stained cover everyday. Plus, unlike a lot of covers you may find in stores, ours are designed to fit snug & survive more dirty diapers than there are Dementors at Azkaban. 

Who doesn’t love a good piece of Wall Art?! I know I do, but when the time came to decorate our nursery, I found myself low on wall space &

heavy on window space. Yikes. The only thing scarier than a Boggart HAS TO BE a baby that is woken up by the rising sun every day. Thankfully, my problem had an obvious answer- Curtains!

The days of boring layers of sheer curtains are over and the time has officially come to reclaim the bold patterned curtain! Keep your nursery space neutral and use curtains as a functional pop of color to create a fun look that is both kid-approved and renter-friendly. 

Remember: your nursery is not just for your baby- IT’S FOR YOU. So make it a space that you actually want to be in! You deserve it. 
We hope this gave you some new ideas for designing your perfect Hogwarts inspired nursery. 

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